Professional Network Tracking Software

Effective office work is only achieved with successful HR policies. A completely strict one will not win in most cases, because of the demotivation influence it has on the employees. No one would like to work under constant surveillance of security cameras, a dress-code, work time logs and other “monitoring” issues without a proper reward. If you don’t want to pay more than your employees really earn – office computer network monitoring software is your choice.

The main advantage of such programs is the fact that no one has the feeling of being watched. Combined with mild measures, network activity software will be more effective than the strictest of HR policies. Here’s an example:

  • In a strict HR policy. Work time is logged – an employee that’s late is penalized. Internet access is restricted, so that only work relevant resources are free to browse.
  • With network traffic monitoring software – everything seems out of direct control. If an employee spends too much time browsing irrelevant resources (and you’ll see that for sure, thanks to the program) – you can just warn him. Or, you can adjust a special message every XX minutes for his PC, saying “You’ve spent XX minutes browsing social networks (for example). It’s Time to work!” – it’s even more effective than trying to restrict anything.

HR practice involves a lot of negotiation, because it’s important to motivate the personnel other than with money. In most cases all the employees are easily influenced the abovementioned way, but if they’re not – there’s another measure to be taken. It’s always effective to use peer pressure.

For example, since Work Examiner internet network monitoring software has a comprehensive report system, it’s just convenient to use it. What you need to do is get the employee’s traffic log and send it around the office. All the other workers will be hilarious and a bit angry about the way their colleague spends his work time. His only way out of such a mess would be to stop doing that and get a positive report next month.

Thus network internet monitoring programs are not just a security feature – they’re powerful HR instruments, capable of the right motivation for your personnel and as a result – better office efficiency.

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