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1.Common Questions

2. Technical Issues

1. What is Work Examiner used for?

It's a software for employees monitoring, allowing to monitor, analyze and control their activity at the computer. There are 3 most popular use cases of WE: web usage control, work time tracking, surveillance.

2.What is the difference between Work Examiner Standard and the Professional version?

Standard edition is good for 3..40 PCs, Pro – for 20..10000+. You can find more details in the Standard vs Professional Comparison Chart.

3. What is the price of Work Examiner?

You can find detailed information about the price of Work Examiner editions on the Purchase page.

4. How does Work Examiner differ from other solutions present on the market today?

Work Examiner is a complex solution combining functions of monitoring, analysis, reports and blocking applications and Internet sites. Owing to tight integration of all these functions Work Examiner is a very powerful, still flexible tool.

5. Do you provide a demo version of the program before the purchase of Work Examiner?

Yes. You can download a trial of Work Examiner Standard or request a trial of Professional edition in the Download section.

6. Do you provide free updates of Work Examiner?

You have a right to update the product free of charge within a year after the purchase. You can also purchase an additional year of support and updates package in the Purchase section.

7. What are the system requirements of Work Examiner?

Work Examiner Standard components minimum system requirements:

  • WE Server\Console: Intel\AMD CPU -1Ghz, 512RAM, 200Mb free space, Windows XP\2003\Vista\2008\Win7\2012\Win8 all 32\64bit

Work Examiner Professional components minimum system requirements:

  • WE Server: Intel\AMD CPU -1Ghz, 512RAM, 200Mb free space (w\o database size that can vary), Windows XP\2003\Vista\2008\Win7\2012\Win8 all 32\64bit, MS SQL Server 2005\2008\2012 (2005 Express can be downloaded by WE installer) both 32\64bit
  • WE Console: Intel\AMD CPU -1Ghz, 256RAM, 200Mb free space, Windows XP\2003\Vista\2008\Win7\2012\Win8 all 32\64bit

For both Standard and Professional editions:

  • WE Client: Intel\AMD CPU -1Ghz, 256RAM, 100Mb free space, Windows XP\2003\Vista\2008\Win7\2012\Win8 all 32\64bit
8. Does Work Examiner Professional support MS Windows Vista, Win7, Win8?

Yes, both the client and the server fully support MS Windows Vista and Windows 7,8 32bit and 64bit editions.

9. Is your system a spyware one?

It depends: all spying features are disabled by default, spy options are not visible at all. If you enable spy features (screens\keystrokes\emails\IMs recording) – WE will become a spyware, but anyway, will not be blocked by antiviruses. It’s a business software that is monitoring company’s PCs.

1. Will Work Examiner Client work when the server is switched off?

Yes, it will save the logs in temporary folder and upload as soon as the server will be available.

2. How does WE Client load the computer?

WE Client makes low system load about 1-3% CPU usage on the average.

3. Can I install WE Client remotely?

Yes, sure! There is a 'Install Clients...' option in WE Console. Note: you must have admin rights on the remote PC or know admin's login\password.

4. Is WE Client stealth?

Yes, if installed remotely, it is invisible for user – hidden from Task Manager, no icons on the toolbar, no entries in Start - Programs and Add\Remove Programs.

5. Do I must log in to the WE Server PC to make WE collect data from the clients?

No, it uses special services that work w\o user’s logon.

Online Help Documentation

This help documentation was designed for both Standard and Professional editions of Work Examiner product.

Articles applicable for Professional edition only are marked as “(Pro only)” in the header. We’ve tried to reflect all important issues about Work Examiner in this documentation.

If you have any questions that were not answered by this help document – feel free to contact support@workexaminer.com for assistance.
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