Best Computer Monitoring software

Top 5 – the Best Computer Monitoring Software (2013)

Place 5, rated 28/100
The Watcher

Actually, we thought that the programmers had this dialog:

- Hey! Let’s make remote computer monitoring software!
- Alright! What is computer monitoring software?

Why? Because this program doesn’t do anything but shows you incoming and outgoing traffic from the target PC. It may be interesting for someone, but it only works with direct connections, therefore is not suitable for office use, which it’s actually positioned for. We’re not completely sure how they even got into the top computer monitoring software list.

Place 4, rated 37/100

This is nothing more than a school computer monitoring software, complete with two main features and a bulky design. The good thing about it is the fact that it actually works without any errors. You can watch what the students’ PCs are doing, watch their Internet traffic but there’s a sign “You’re being tracked” on the screen, so the program isn’t that good.

Place 3, rated 56/100

Not so sure if it “zees” us, but this program is the first one that’s any good for office use. It has a number of features, including a basic filter, but it also has quite a serious problem. EyezU is not comprehensive or user-friendly at all. It’s nothing but impossible to use this remote monitor software without having to read a huge manual without any pictures. We doubt that modern HR managers have the time for that.

Place 2, rated 80/100
TeamLead Advanced Pro

This one’s the first computer remote monitoring software for today that’s really beneficial and works as intended. It has quite a number of features, including traffic filtering, application restriction, work timer and other stuff. The only problem with TeamLead Advanced Pro is the fact that it’s totally seen by the target. The small sign in tray shows that your PC is being watched. Not fair.

Place 1, 97/100
Work Examiner

Here’s the winner, a true marvel of a PC monitoring program. Stealthy, versatile, effective – it’s everything an office would need. This one will be a perfect add-on to any office, raising the productivity as well as network security. It can even capture screenshots from the target PC, allowing the real surveillance! Work Examiner is the choice of the winners!

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