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Employee monitor software and private space

According to the latest polls, 94% of office workers would not accept surveillance if they had the choice. Most of them think of it as a violation of their rights, a demotivating factor and a governmental control program. Well, thank God they don’t believe that it’s an alien conspiracy to take over the planet. In reality, what they call “surveillance” is a bunch of security cameras everywhere. Some offices are like that, and it either means that it’s a high security facility (banks, nuclear power stations, etc.) or the boss is a paranoid person (the frequent case).

Anyway, security cameras all over the office are pretty much illegal in most cases, while being also extremely demotivating. Thus – office PC monitor software is your solution.
First of all, such programs are usually stealthy, so none of the employees will have that feeling of being watched. Secondly, as long as security cameras won’t always look at the screen, thus not showing you what the person is actually doing, computer monitor software will! With a specialized program like Work Examiner, you’ll be able to see exactly what the employee is doing and when. Besides, such monitor software is a tool of online and offline policy installation.

Let’s take a hypothetical office with a network and 20 PCs. Using Work Examiner web monitor software, you’ll see exactly what the activity on each PC is, online or offline, meaning not only traffic, but also all the used applications. This is convenient to devise and install a policy that would restrict or grant access. Let’s say the office has three SMM managers, who spend their time in different social networks as a part of their job. The right thing to do would be to restrict access to those resources for all the other PCs in the network, let’s say – to an hour a day. Work Examiner internet monitor software will let you do that with a few clicks. Now, if some of the employees tend to spend a lot of time just browsing some irrelevant resources (provided they’re not designers or copywriters looking for inspiration) – you can always block them with website monitor software. Of course – that’s the last measure you should take, but the right is all yours, as well as the means to.

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