Employee computer monitoring

Employee computer monitoring – pros and cons

Is it normal to monitor employee computer activity?

Total control is, of course, a benefit in the office. But how does it affect the employees? Does it demotivate or not? Here’s the answer from HRR:

“Any kind of surveillance and control slightly demotivates the personnel. First of all, it works like that because of the feeling of being watched. When an office is through with monitor software installation, all the employees are usually uncomfortable for a few months, showing higher efficiency ratings, but lower content with their work. With time, though, they start to get along with the feeling and the productivity gets back to a lower normal. The possible solution will be stealthy employee computer monitoring software, which doesn’t demotivate anyone, but still remains an effective tool of surveillance. Not knowing the extent of the real control, employees will work better without the feeling of being watched. While security cameras may be depressing as well as illegal sometimes, a computer monitor program won’t cause so much fuss. As long as you keep the actual surveillance discrete and do not show the extent of your awareness – the personnel will be content.”

As you can understand from this piece of article, you can’t monitor employee computer and tell him about it. The monitor program must be stealthy, therefore we’ve browsed through dozens of employee computer monitoring software reviews, to answer the question “Is there such software at all?” and here’s the solution – Work Examiner.

You can’t even count all the essential features of this monitor software for PC – it’s just a miracle of stealthy office surveillance. It will not only protect your network from hazardous content, but also help you control the amount of time everyone spends actually working! With the convenient report system, a smart filter engine, screenshot capture, offline applications surveillance and traffic tracking you’d already have nothing more to do – but that’s not all! According to our own research, Work Examiner gets the award of the best PC monitor software for office use. The reason is simple – it’s HR oriented! The program doesn’t only give or block access – it deals with online policies, capable of strict filtering as well as passive warnings. With such software in your office network, you’ve already solved the major control problem!

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