For Small Businesses

Work Examiner Standard is the basic online activity monitoring software. effective in small office networks. It's devised for single-handed use and is extremely user-friendly. The program allows you to maintain constant survellance over the office's virtual part and receive daily logs on online activity of every employee.

Work Examiner Standard is the best choice for small businesses, where human factor is the key aspect of work efficiency. Improvement is guaranteed by years of experience and honing the program to perfection.

Corporate Scale

Work Examiner Professional is a server based office computer monitoring software. It has a powerful analytic core that helps you to control the productivity of hundreds of employees. This state-of-art program may be called "smart", because it know for sure which aspects of work should be altered for better efficiency.

All you have to do is let Work Examiner Professional into your networks and listen to what it has to say. The program will analyze every factor of effective perfomance and tell you what you should do.


If you want to get something done properly - do it yourself, right? It is, but controlling the whole office's productivity and security from your workplace sounds highly improbable. One can't just watch every employee during the business hours. Or ...

We say you can and we're ready to prove it wich our Work Examiner PC activity monitoring software. It is a sophisticated smart program that will be able to control work efficiency and internet security single-handedly!

Work Examiner is most commonly used for monitoring internet traffic in the corporate network, allowing the manager to see what his employees are doing online. This way you can evaluate the time every person spends actually working. If the traffic is idle, you can always use PC tracking - keystroke and desktop types. A special log containing all the office's virtual activity will be sent out to your email daily. All you'll have to do next is decide on your next action.

Why do you need Work Examiner?

    • Increase the efficiency of employees 
  • Reduce the use of computer for personal needs
  • Plan the amount of time and human resources more precisely

With Work Examiner you will the answers to the following questions:

  • What web sites do your employees devote most time to?
  • Which one of your emloyees spends most time in the Internet?
  • About what and with whom do they talk in online chats, instant messenger and emails?
  • How many hours a week has the employee worked?
  • Who of your employees spends most time using chats and playing games?
  • Are the employees using the computer or are they distracted by some other business?
  • At what hours is the employees' work the most efficient?
  • Who comes late for work or leaves early?
  • Who and when used the computer without proper authorization?
  • On what days does the employee spend more time at work and what are the days the employee spends less time there?